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Wine Value Ratings integrates the price of a bottle of wine and its critic ratings to establish its "WVR" number. Think of this number the same way you would a golf score; the lower, the better!

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There are many ways to find your favorite wines.

  • Quick Search

    To find a wine in our vast database, simply type the name or varietal in the search bar.

  • Detailed Search

    Choose your price point and minimum critic rating, pick your wine type, varietal, region, vintage, etc.

  • By Critic

    Refine the WVR number by selecting only your favorite critics.

  • Buy!

    Buying wines from your search result is easy – merely click on any wine to be directed to that merchant’s website.

Detailed Sort

By Price

Sort wines by cheapest or most expensive first.

By Rating

Sort wines by their maximum critic rating (critics taken into account can be chosen by the critic filter)

By Name

Sort your search results alphabetically.

By Winery

Sort wines by winery name.

By Vintage

Sort wines by vintage year.

Documentation and Support

Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident.

How it Works

Wine Value Ratings provides the consumer with a powerful sorting and searching tool to find the best value by integrating the price of a bottle of wine and its “quality” as determined by its critic ratings. Here’s how it works…

  • Most critics rate wine on a 100 point scale, with 100 points being a “perfect” score. If a critic gave a 95 point rating to a $100 Cabernet and 95 points to a $300 Cabernet, it is intuitive the $100 bottle is a better value.
  • But what happens when you have 10 different bottles to choose from …50 bottles …100 bottles or more? One critic, two critics, three critics or more … all with different ratings for the same wine?
  • Our application does the math based on the search criteria inputted, which can be as broad as simply “Red Wine” or as narrow as Pinot Noirs from the Burgundy region of France, with vintages ranging from 1995 to 2010, with a minimum critic rating of 90 points, at a price point of no more than $100.
  • The end result is a Wine Value Rating (“WVR”) for each wine returned in the search. The WVR is essentially the cost paid for one point of critic rating and your search results are returned by lowest WVR to highest WVR.


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